Dear ETR Reader,

I’d only been to Aloha Dry Cleaners once before, back in the spring.

But my Wednesday morning visit this week provided both an unusual customer service experience and an interesting marketing lesson.

You see, I’m heading to France this weekend on a “secret mission” so I needed to drop off some dress shirts.

“Last name?”


“Oh, okay, welcome back. .. Charlie.”

I was already impressed. Not there in six months and they had my records retrieved, up and ready to go in about 1.5 seconds. At the Motor Vehicle Bureau this would take half an hour!

The cheerful young lady behind the counter provided another hint that something special was going on here.

I mean, really …

How happy would YOU be standing behind the dry cleaner counter eight hours a day? But this woman made me feel like I’d just handed her the winning lotto ticket simply for walking in the front door. And the fun was just beginning…

“Can I get these Friday afternoon?”

Usually when you ask for quick turnaround, there’s a grimace and a “Hmmmm”. Not today.

“No problem – what time?”

Next came the kicker.

“And would you like me to email you when they’re ready?”

How about that? An email from the local dry cleaners!

Now I’m loving this. No more guessing if my stuff is ready early, or worrying about forgetting about it.

Here is a small retail business that’s doing at least two things right.

They are focusing on excellent customer service and they are using the Internet to (presumably) build a customer list. If they play their cards right, they should significantly grow their business in the next 6 to 12 months.