Dear Nick,

I wanted to Thank You for the excellent service you provided me.

As a Casualty Assistance Officer in the South Florida area, my time is very limited to handle things that are important but not urgent.

I was invited (via short notice) to attend a formal Christmas Party. The day before the party, I found my dress blue uniform were more than a little snug. You quickly provided me reassurance that you could only have my pants altered but you could also have the jacket and pants cleaned and pressed.

You called me later to ask how much “adjustment” I needed and had my uniform ready to go hours before the party.

You and your team exceeded my expectations. I never thought you could do what you committed to and yet you did it with flying colors.

I’m so deeply grateful to have found you and will continue to recommend you to those who are looking for quality work by a business owner who says what he means and means what he says.

Douglas R. Maddox, Jr.
Casualty Assistance Officer

Department Of Army0001