Nancy is a profound European dressmaker with over 50 years of experience. She began her journey in fashion at the young age of 5. She left Italy and began to work in a bridal shop in New York, making each beautiful brides dress spectacular! She moved to Florida and acquired Aloha Cleaners with her husband Joe in the 90’s. Purchasing Aloha Cleaners allowed Nancy to have a place to continue her career in alterations. Nancy was embraced by the patrons of Delray Beach and alterations quickly grew. Nancy did not just work on Alterations she also trained in becoming a quality Dry Cleaner while Joe worked the Drapery business. Aloha began with just two people and now employs 14 expertly trained professionals. “I love the challenge this business presents when a garment comes in with an issue or something another cleaners wasn’t successful in. I receive great joy when I take a customer’s sad face and turn it into a smile by solving their garment issues.”