Door Greeters

Mason: Mason is an English bulldog. He is animated, sweet, smart, exceptionally handsome and ready to greet you with smiles, snorts and sniffs. He loves to take pictures with friends so the next time you visit with Mason just let us know you would love to be Mason’s friend of the week. We will take a photo of you and Mason that will be posted on our Facebook page as his friend of the week that you can share with your friends!

Rosie: Rosie is an English bulldog. She is adorable, sweet, playful, smart with selective hearing and comically lazy! When you arrive she will most likely be laying by a window soaking in the day’s sunshine. Want a photo with Rosie? No problem! Rosie will also take a photo with you (if she feels like it) so you can be her friend of the week on Facebook that you can share with your friends!