Angela, daughter of Joe & Nancy graduated from FAU with a degree in Marketing & Advertising. Upon graduating she began working for Equifax in their direct & online marketing. In her experiences she acquired knowledge of corporate world structure but still had a passion to be involved in something more personal and meaningful. Angela saw the need of technology and marketing for Aloha so she decided to join the family business in 2007. She immediately implemented technology & customer service skills which would help increase efficiency and help streamline the process of Aloha’s services. As the business became streamlined, she then began to focus on direct marketing & social media designed to grow the business. She is constantly working on ways to integrate new technology. “I love watching the smiles and wonder on our customer’s faces while their curiosity grows as to how we keep track of everything. It gives me joy to see their appreciation and positive feedback when something new is implemented to help make the dry cleaning process more convenient and streamlined giving each customer an unforgettable experience.”