Did you know that Aloha Cleaners can take care of your leathers, furs and even shoes? We are your one stop shop indeed! It is very important to take care of leathers and furs ensuring that the hide maintains moisture. We recommend processing your garments once a year to maintain is luster. If cared for properly your garment last up to 50 years.

Leather & Suede: Leather & Suede must be kept in a cool and dark closet. High humidity can lead to mold formation. Leathers should be hung on a padded, fitted hanger that will help keep the form. Once soiled with perspiration and stains you should take proper cleaning care of your garment by leaving it with us to restore.

Fur Care: The ideal storage of fur should be in a cool and dark closet if you do not have a professional storage available to you. Heat will dry out the hide causing it to crack. Allow the furs to have air circulation. Do not store furs in a garment or plastic bag.

Shoe Repair: We have the best shoe repair man around with over 30 years of experience! We can repair, clean and restore your shoes and handbags.

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