Do’s and Don’ts


Always remove poly bags from your garments prior to storing at home for proper ventilation.

Remember to remove all personal belongings from pockets especially pens.

Make life convenient by placing your email address on file. You will receive a notification upon
completion of your orders.


Never store worn garments with stains away in your closet. Even if it is only water the garment still needs to be cleaned because of the minerals in water. Putting your clothes away soiled will only result in tannin stains which can be difficult and sometimes impossible to remove without further damage to the

Do not take chances with your valuable garments. Leave the stain removal to us. The sooner you get the garment to us the better our chances of stain removal are.

Avoid using products such as oxiclean and stain removal pens. This is becoming an increasing problem in the industry. These chemicals should not be used on items that are intended for dry cleaning.
Once these chemicals come in contact with the dry cleaning solvents the chemical reaction literally deteriorates the fibers of the garment leaving holes where the product has been applied.

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