About Us

Established in 1964

Aloha Cleaners was established in 1964 as a drapery cleaners with a workforce of only 2 individuals. Since then Aloha doubled in size, added a second location and grown into a full service dry cleaners which employee 13 expertly trained staff members!! We are a family run operation and take pride in the quality of our services.

Additional Information

About the process

All work is completed on premise which allows us to offer you same day services Monday – Friday! You will not have to wonder where your clothes are being shipped off to and how clean or dirty their dry cleaning plant is. When choosing a Dry Cleaner, it is important to understand what goes into cleaning your garment. This is where we come in with our quality work, expert stain removal and restoration capabilities. Our solvent is crystal clear and our plant is spotless!


Aloha Cleaners is a family run operation, taking pride in what we do, and enjoys giving back to the community and the city! Our way of giving back to the city is by cleaning the American Flag and swags used for America’s birthday, Santa suits, costume cleaning for the Garlic Festival, Delray Beach Playhouse and the Arts Garage, table clothes for Delray Beach library, and sleeping bags for the hurricane shelter all free of charge. Discounts are given to our troops and police officers as our way of saying thank you for protecting us. Clothes that are left behind are donated to goodwill and the Caring Kitchen of Delray. When the Junior Sea Cadets are training in Palm Beach, we pick up their laundry and uniforms. We then deliver their laundry and uniforms back to them after we’ve cleaned and pressed them. We do not charge the Sea Cadets for our services also as our way to say thank you for everything they do. Pride is taken by our staff in cleaning all American flags and any stuffed animals free of charge to the community. Our customers are not just customers; they are part of our Aloha family! The Delray Beach community has made us what we are today and we appreciate it! Each customer receives their own unique relationship with us. Because of our exceptional customer service, devotion to the community, quality of work, and friendship with our customers is why we have been voted #1 Dry Cleaners of Delray Beach multiple times!

Green Technology

We have implemented and continue to implement green technology machinery. Our detergents do not have fillers and are pure unscented soaps. Our poly that we package your garments in is biodegradable! There is also a dedicated area for customers to return hangers for our in house recycling program. During our recent expansion, recycled materials were used for flooring, cabinetry, desktops and energy efficient lighting was installed to keep with our green theme.


One more perk in using Aloha Cleaners is that we have a drive thru! So you can just simply drive thru or give us a call to let us know you will be coming and we will have your orders ready. When you pull up to our drive thru, we will put your items in your car for you and you’ll be on your way! We understand life can be fast paced and we don’t want you to stress about your cleaning. We strive to make your lives convenient and keep your clothing always looking amazing!

We are proud to be members of the following:

Nothing is more important to us than health and growth, of our customers and their children, our regional economy, and our shared global environment

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